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What lovely children, they look so healthy and happy. What a great thing you are doing giving those children a home and schooling. I could give all the small children a big hug, so gorgeous. And I really like your new web site, great job. God bless you and all the children.

Ivy Silk

May the lord of peace himself gives you peace at all times and in every way. The lord be with you, i love you guyz

Josi namwaze flix

The impact of the current and future plans of the project may not be quantified by humanity but will have everlasting effects on the lives of the children and the nations where such projects will operate. May God bless those that have initiated and supported this noble project to where it now. The children may not know the best way to thank you, but God and the Community appreciates and God will surely reward you if not now then in the life to come. God bless this ministry.

Busiku Sulwe

You knocked on my door and stood in the boiling hot sun seeking donations for Ozkids and you touched me with your commitment to a wonderful cause


Hi Uncle Kay. Great Website. Regards to the kids, especially my favourite, Joseph. Stay blessed

Chomba Simutowe

I have read the story in the May issue of "Gold Gem & Treasure" ..... the orphanage nuggets ..... Great !

Johann J. Staub

Your pictures are beautiful! I am taking a multicultural education class and we were instructed to locate an orphanage and report back to our class. Yours intrigues me because of the number of photos! It really makes your focus look like it's all about the kids.

Lisa Morris

machomabwunj i am blessed to see like minded people impacting the lives of these beautiful children.would love to hear more and learn from you natotela sana jules

jules Argent

It is great to see local people making a real difference for these beautiful children who now have hope for the future.


Fantastic to see such happy and healthy children. Great work

lee webster

You are doing such a wonderful thing helping those lovely children. God Bless you all.

Ivy Silk

Each and every one of the new children are just lovely, I'm sure all of the kids are over the moon about the new editions to your wonderful ever growing family. A big hug for all of them. xxxx


I would love to give all those children a big hug

Dianne Kelly

This is a wonderful web site, my heart goes out to all those beautiful children.

Amanda Mossman

Glad to see you got a website! its fantastic...

Sarah Rosborg

Keep up the good work

Sheri Webster

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