Chipago Pemba

Chipago was found in a sack by a man walking along a highway, he heard her crying. Seeing the sack move he ran to it and was amazed to find a little baby inside. He took her to the police station and a policewoman took her to the hospital in Monze. It is at the hospital where she got her name, Chipago which means “Gift”. So her name is Chipago Pemba, a Gift from Pamba Road. She is now five years old.

Chipago is a feisty little girl and is determined to have her way, we have had our fair amount of run in’s about how she is to behave. Chipago is a loving girl who loves to be with people and is not shy in letting you know that she is in the room. Chipago is lots of fun to be with; she enjoys singing, reading, playing games and has a great deal of fun with volunteers. She like living with the Oz Kids family for they are the only family she knows, she also enjoys the food. Chipago loves going on nature walks to collect flowers and things to use in craft time.

Chipago is in pre-school and will start grade one in 2016. Chipago's school fees have been paid for by two lovely families, Richard and Denise Maltman from Australia and Lillie Romeiser from the U.S.A. We greatly appreciate the love and care these families have given to the children and the support to all at Oz Kids. Thank you, may the good Lord bless all you and your families and all you are doing.

If anyone would like to write to Chipago I know she would love to hear from you. Please email your letter to us and we will pass it on. Thank you. 

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