Gracious Muleya

Gracious was born in Mazabuka and is ten years old.

Gracious came to us under sad circumstances, her mother was found guilty of attempted murder. Grace and her brother Richard were very shy and would not talk because of the trauma they went through. It took some weeks before Gracious felt she could ask for something. One afternoon one of the girls came to me and said that Gracious was storing food under her blankets, in her clothes area and in her school bag. I asked her why she was doing this, but she would not answer me. The girl said that Gracious often went without food so she was keeping the food for her and Richard. I took Gracious to the kitchen where we were getting a meal ready for the kids. I told her that I promise whenever she felt hungry she could ask for food and it would be given. After a couple of weeks, Gracious felt safe and stopped keeping food. She them started fitting in with the other kids.

She loves going on bush walks to collect different flowers and leaves to use in craft time. Gracious is a hard worker and does her chores and homework to the best of her ability.  she likes reading and watching Bible stories on the data projector.  She is much loved.

Now Gracious is a very happy girl, she is going to school for the first time and is loving it. When she got her school uniform she could not stop smiling. Her teacher told me that Gracious is a bright student who likes studying. 

Gracious goes to Ebenezer School and is in grade three. Her best subject is science and she would like to be a surgeon so she can help people. All of Gracious school fees are paid by two wonderful caring families, Richard and Denise Maltman from Australia and Lillie Romeiser from the U.S.A. We thank the Lord for these families, for the love they have for the children and the support for all at Oz Kids. Thank you and may the good Lord bless you.

If anyone would like to write to Gracious then please email your letters to us and we will pass them on to her. Thank you.

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