Joseph Monga

Joseph was born in Mazabuka and is eight years old.

Joseph came to Oz Kids as a two-years-old. Poor Joseph came from another orphanage in our town where the man running it was keeping the money sent to run the orphanage. The authorities closed down the orphanage and the people who opened it can from Europe, they had no idea what was going on. All the children were starved, poor Joseph at two-years-old all he could do was sit. He could not crawl or walk. He had to be fed small amounts until his strength grow.

Now a few years on Joseph is a beautiful healthy boy, he is very gentle and loves everyone. Sadly because of the treatment Joseph had as a baby his growth is stunted a little and his ability to learn is a little slow but with care and extra schooling he will pick up in time.

Joseph loves playing outside, walking in nature, singing at worship, helping wash the dishes, and reading the Bible.  Joseph is a shy boy but if he takes to you he may become your shadow. Joseph is a delight to be with.

Joseph is in grade one and goes to Ebenezer School. He loves school and his best subject is maths. When he leaves school he would like to be a policeman.

Joseph's school fees have been paid by two amazing families, Richard and Denise Maltman from Australia and Lillie Romeiser from the U.S.A. We are so thankful to these families for the love they have for the children and the support they give to all at Oz Kids. May our Lord Jesus bless all you do.Thank you.

If anyone would like to write to Joseph please email your letter to us and we will pass it on. Thank you.

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