Namakau Liswaniso

Namakau was born in Mongu Western Province, she is nine years old.

Namakau has a very strong character, she is a survivor. Namakau was abandoned in Lusaka. She was told to stand outside a toilet block. Namakau stood and slept outside the toilet block for three days until the authorities found her and took her to the same halfway house as Mercy and the other children from Lusaka. Namakau had been abused by her mother who cut and burnt her, I have seen her scars. When she told me about her experience it brought tears to my eyes.

It took some time for Namakau to settle into a routine at the orphanage but she learnt that she is loved and cared for as a special child of God. Namakau is a born leader and we hope to see great things from this loving child.  Namakau laughs a lot, she loves going on walks, picking flowers, craft time, reading and playing games with her friends. Namakau also loves it when volunteers come to visit.

Namakau goes to Ebenezer School and is in grade three. At school she likes Jet Club and playing with her friend. Namakau's best subject is English, she is an A-one student. When she leaves school she would like to study Nursing.

All our children's education is being funded by two very caring families, Richard and Denise are from Australia and Lillie Romeiser is from the U.S.A The families pay all the school fees, uniforms, shoes, school bags and items needed throughout the school year. The families visit the orphanage whenever they can.

Oz Kids greatly appreciate the friendship and support these two loving families give the children and all at Oz Kids. Thank you, we know the Lord will continue to bless you.

If anyone would like to write to Namakau I know she would love to hear from you. Please email your letter to us and we will pass it on. Thank you.

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