Paul Nga'mbi

Paul was born in Mazabukaand is new sixteen years old.

Paul was one of the first children that came into the orphanage, he has no parents and was left to his elderly grandmother who was also caring for other grandchildren. So she placed Paul in our care. It has been a pleasure to see this boy grow from a nine-year-old into a young man I am proud to call my son and have him call me Mum. 

Paul is in boarding school Lupaclif Private School in Lusaka, he is a doing grade ten, he is a great student with high grades. Paul has  the desire to go to university and train as a Business Manager. I believe that Paul has the motivation and skills to do all he wishes for his future. Unfortunately, Oz Kids will need help with his education because boarding school is not cheap. We hope that people will sponsor Paul to help this very bright student to not only help himself but he wants to helpother.give back to his community. 

Paul is a compassionate person and has always been by my side to help me when every I have needed him. He is loved by everyone. Paul also loves the Lord with all his heart and I believe he would become a great pastor if he was called by the Lord. Paul is a fun loving young man and loves it when he can share with the volunteers we have visiting the orphanage. Paul comes home on all school breaks, all the children love having him home.


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