Terry Mashua

Terry was born in Lusaka and is about seven years old.

Terry was abandon when a little boy. This is common when families can’t care for their children. Terry is a happy boy, he loves making thinks, trying to fix broken items, playing games, going shopping, and taking walks. Terry also told me he loves the food at the home. I remember the first time Terry got a chocolate. A family from Perth Australia Richard and Denise was volunteering, they went shopping and got each child a chocolate. Terry was so excited he danced on the spot, looking up with his large dark brown eyes, his smile was from ear to ear; it was a joy to see. 

Terry goes to Ebenezer School and is in grade one. Terry like learning new things at school, playing with his friend and his best subject is maths. He would like to be an engineer.

All our children's schooling is funded by two loving families, Richard and Denise Maltman from Australia and Lillie Romeiser from the U.S.A The families also contribute to uniforms, books, shoes and other items. We are so thankful to them for the love and support they give to each child and the generous help they give to us. Thank you and God bless.

If anyone would like to write to Terry please email your letter to us and we will pass it on. Thank you.

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