School & Development Centre

School & Development Centre

OK will establish a school as a part of our long term plan in Zambia, with a focus on holistic education.

Our academic curriculum will be of an international standard, with a high ratio of teachers to students, the children will have an academic tutor who will monitor the academic progress, as well as the moral and spiritual development of each child. The school will be located on the commercial permaculture farm, along with a vocational training center.
This way taking advantage of the child's curiosity for learning by integrating academic and spiritual studies with hands-on practical lessons in a permaculture and natural environment, to promote understanding and stewardship of the natural world.
Another important part of the curriculum is Health and physical education. Developing healthy life styles through physical fitness and a knowledge of nutrition.

Creative arts and crafts such as drawing, painting, pottery, wood carving and weaving, are but a few of the activities that prepare students to be creative thinkers. Learning by doing.

The vocational training centre will focus on teaching practical skills, such as woodwork, metal fabrication and welding, sewing, first aid, cooking and many of the arts and crafts relevant to the local community, as this center will also hold classes for underprivileged youth in the community.

The school-side of the project will eventually be expanded to include children from the surrounding community and eventually throughout the district and beyond. In this case the school can act as a nucleus for the growth of a community, with socially and environmentally regenerating effects.

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